Gym Memberships!

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I'm happy to say that Nathan and I finally got our gym memberships at 24 hour fitness. We've been watching Biggest Loser for a couple weeks now and we (or should I say I) are finally going to start a gym routine. It's hard for us to go together with our crazy schedules, but it looks like we're either going after 11pm or early am (hahahaha). 

Either way, we're going to start going. Thanks to Friedman, et al. vs. 24 Hour Fitness, I got two free 3 month passes to 24. Some kind of membership dues grievance thing. I gave one to Nathan and used one for myself. Im pretty stoked for the classes and I'm pretty sure Nathan is stoked for the selection of weight lifting equipment! At any rate its better than the apartment gym we use now. We both have goals we want to reach, and this will definitely help us out. 

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