OMG... We have been waiting to go for, it seems like, FOREVER!! We are finally going tomorrow! It will be our first time going to Disneyland together and we are both super stoked. We even made nerdy shirts haha (wait for pics!). 

We are leaving incredibly early in the morning... which Nathan and I are NOT so much morning people. Because of our jobs we get off later than most people and sleep in. But I mean, come on, it's Disneyland!! I haven't decided what part I'm most excited for... Space Mountain or Splash Mountain... I think it's just the general fact that we're going. I just love Nathan so much, he makes everyday fun and full of love and laughter and now we get to go to one of the most fun places in the WORLD together.

This will be Nathan's first time going on the Matterhorn and other newer Disney rides.. can you believe that? I cannot wait :) We'll post pics when we come back to reality this weekend.

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